Did You Know There Was A Little Doctor Who In The Original Star Wars Films?

I’ve mentioned before on the site how I was just at the right age to get in on the ground floor of what would become the Star Wars craze that swept the World back in 1977. From that point on everything in my life revolved around this story that took place a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. I eagerly devoured any magazine, news clip, or newspaper article that would give me just a little more info about Star Wars and of course that included the sequels as well.

But yesterday on Facebook on a few different feeds I saw something that made me feel like a five-year old again sitting in that Razorback auditorium, the news that in Star Wars and the Empire Strikes Back there were costumes that had been actually used in the 1966 Doctor Who story arc The Tenth Planet from back in October of 1966. Thanks to Making Star Wars.Net we can see two of the suits as they appeared in that story arc…by the way, if you are like me I am doing everything I possibly can to avoid spoilers concerning the new Star Wars film in December. Be careful if you follow the link to Making Star Wars.Net!

Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net
Image courtesy of Making Star Wars.Net

It sure looks to me like BoShek, who we meet in the cantina scene from the first film is wearing the darker of the two suits.

BoShek - Star Wars


With the lighter colored suit being worn by Bossk in The Empire Strikes Back.

Bossk - The Empire Strikes Back

But thanks to the diligence of Making My 1st Doctor Costume we’ve learned that the suits didn’t originate in the Doctor Who series but came from 1964’s First Men in the Moon!

Image courtesy of Making my 1st Doctor Costume.
Image courtesy of Making my 1st Doctor Costume.


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