Smash TV Poster

Good Luck With This Smash TV Poster…You’ll Need It!

The first time I encountered Smash T.V. was on a High School art trip to the neighboring state of Oklahoma. To say that my group of friends were not only impressed and addicted by what some might see as the spiritual successor of 1982’s Robotron 2084 is something of an understatement. We almost missed boarding the bus back home we were all so engrossed in the over the top carnage of the game. Being such a big fan, I was quite happy to share artist Rusty Shackle’s fantastic Smash TV Poster. It features our two “heroes” blasting away while they collect all of that sweet sweet loot as well as mounds of VCR’s, luggage, and toasters!

This piece is a lot like the artwork for the Elevator Action poster. In that it makes me want to plop down in the living room with the Williams collection on my Xbox and play this particular arcade favorite.

Of course, I’m stuck at work. That is just how non-game show themed lives go. So I suppose I might have to settle for watching this complete playthrough by MAME Player. While occasionally lifting my head to stare at a crudely printed version of this Smash TV Poster that I hung on the wall above my monitor

Enjoy this Smash TV Playthrough


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