This Japanese Commercial for Doritos is VERY 80’s

Here is a swell commercial from Japan for Doritos. The fashion and tone are super eighties, but the best part of the commercial is when the woman in gold roller skates moonwalks (moonskates).

I had not traveled much in the 80’s, my longest trip was to Florida at this point, so I do not have a frame of reference for how my expectations based on what I saw on TV were not matched when I actually visited that country. Seeing things like this makes me wonder if people who visited the United States in the eighties expected us all to be clad in neon spandex and break dancing all the time?

I wish it really was like that…

Stay tuned after the Doritos commercial for a great Little League themed Chee-tos commercial.


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One thought on “This Japanese Commercial for Doritos is VERY 80’s

  1. I have no idea what’s going on…but it’s awesome and I love it.

    And can you imagine if everyone wore spandex and was breakdancing? It would be…I think my head just exploded from the prospective awesomeness of it.

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