Happy Atari Day! Check Out This JCPenney Pac-Man Commercial!

What better way to celebrate Atari Day than taking a moment and remembering how HUGE Pac-Man was on the Atari 2600?

[Via] Retro Commercials Forever

I can remember seeing this ad back in the day and even though my Family had been kind enough to already purchase Pac-Man for me I was adamant that we had to get to JCPenney just so I could get my hands on that awesome T-Shirt.

As you can imagine…this didn’t happen.

Now there is still plenty of time to get out there and celebrate Atari Day in style, you don’t need the JcPenney’s Pac-Man T-Shirt.

Image courtesy of Atari I/O's Facebook page.
Image courtesy of Atari I/O’s Facebook page.

To learn even more about the fun of Atari Day be sure to hop on over and check out fellow Retroist writer Atari I/O’s site by following the link here!


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