This Retro Ad for Sears explains how to pick your Color TV

My family had two criteria when we purchased a TV. Price and Size. We wanted the biggest screen for our buck. In this ad from Sears they clearly demonstrate that any savvy shopper, who is serious about buying a TV will consider at least 9 things before purchasing a TV and they even include a handy Sears-centric checklist to help you make your decision.

What criteria did you or your family consider when buying a TV back in the day? Did you get your snap out modules or were you, like my family, all about the size?


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2 thoughts on “This Retro Ad for Sears explains how to pick your Color TV

  1. vinvectrex says:

    My Dad made these decisions and had 2 criteria:
    1. Is it an RCA? If yes, proceed to step #2
    2. Does it have the most futuristic looking cabinet available?

    Those cabinets were pretty good looking – so much so that when a TV died, the innards were junked but the cabinet was re-purposed into other furniture.

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