The Lost Visionaries By Leanne Hannah!

I’ve talked about my love of the short lived Hasbro produced Visionaries once or twice before on the site. I suppose it helped that they hit just at the time I was letting me interest in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe dwindle and going full bore into the G.I. Joe toys.

Of course it’s also fair to say that the animated series knocked my socks off and that probably helped me fall in love with the world of the Visionaries as well.

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While the Visionaries for some reason or another didn’t make it more than a year when they hit the shelves in 1987…there was whispers from those that worked at Hasbro of a second line of figures, backed up by little seen product catalogs. Instead of the power staffs that most of the figures from the first wave possessed these new heroic Spectral Knights and villainous Darkling Lords would have carried power shields into battle.

It would appear that Stratosmacca or Leanne Hannah over at DevianART is also a fan of the Visionaries and decided to share what some of these second series characters might have looked like in comic book form.

Image courtesy of Leanne Hannah.
Image courtesy of Leanne Hannah.

From left to right we have Croil (Darking Lord), Ramulak (Spectral Knight), Craggor (Spectral Knight), Draculan (Darkling Lord), and Hydron (Spectral Knight).

Who knows? In a word where we are seeing the reboot of the Rom: The Space Knight and Micronauts comics perhaps there is still hope for the Visionaries in the near future?


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