Gather ‘Round Presents Puss N’ Boots (1978)

Gather ‘Round Presents Puss N’ Boots (1978)

Just the other day while Daniel XIII and I were overseeing a delivery of a recent film collection that Projectionist had procured for the Retroist Vault we got to talking about TV shows we happened to recall on PBS in our grade school years.

Daniel asked if I remembered Gather ‘Round, a show hosted by Paul M Lally who would tell a classic story or folk tale while Rae Owings would illustrate moments from the tales with her wonderful charcoal drawings. I will admit I had forgotten about the show until Dan pulled it up on his RPad and I saw the first few seconds of this episode.

It brought back quite a few fond memories for me. At my grade school we didn’t get to watch TV all that often so when we did it was a very special thing, the teacher would pick two students from the class and we would walk down the hall to the library to sign out a TV, which was on a large rolling cart that we would wheel back to the classroom.

So why not take about 15 minutes for yourself and join Rae and Paul as they share the story of Puss N’ Boots?

Gather 'Round: Puss N' Boots from Paul Lally on Vimeo.


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