X-Files Episode 44: Humbug Gets The Freaks Treatment!

Artist J.J. Lendl on his tumblr explains he intended to create posters for episodes of the X-Files but only for a month, the popularity of his artwork has led him to continue past that one month plan and is asking fans to submit their favorite episodes to get the poster treatment.

Like what Lendl has done with Episode 44 entitled Humbug, he based it off the poster design for Tod Browning’s 1932 masterpiece Freaks.

Freaks - Tod Browning

J.J. approaches each episode with a different art style like you can see with Episode 30: Ascension and Episode 35: Excelsis Dei.

All images courtesy of J.J. Lendl's X-Files Poster Project.

All images courtesy of J.J. Lendl’s X-Files Poster Project.

X Files - Ecelsis Dei - JJ Lendl

Hop on over to Lendl’s Tumblr for more of the X-Files Poster Project.


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2 thoughts on “X-Files Episode 44: Humbug Gets The Freaks Treatment!

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    These terrific art pieces alone could’ve single-handedly re-ignited the current X-Files revival.

    But besides the great tribute to classic eps (which are *every* episode of that show!), they are wonderful nods to classic cinema posters.

    Die Hand Die Verletzt has a Fulci-vibe to it that rather agrees with the wild tone of that ep.

    And I’d swallow a handful of bugs for that Humbug poster.

    Good stuff all around.

  2. I agree, Atari! Looking over Lendl’s artwork totally made me want to pull a marathon viewing of the X-Files episodes! :D

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