Remember The 1989 Nintendo/Pepsi Christmas Giveaway?

Remember The 1989 Nintendo/Pepsi Christmas Giveaway?

Things were looking up for me by the end of 1989 with High School going great, I had an awesome group of friends and we were totally playing RPG’s every single morning and afternoon, Batman had swept the nation, and I was playing the Nintendo every moment that I could.

Then came this TV commercial. Colorfully and temptingly offering a chance at not only the Nintendo Game Boy but Nintendo Game Paks and possibly a whole new Nintendo Entertainment System…which would solve that problem of having to carry the NES to and fro to my Grandparents house.

[Via] The Holiday Zone

But in my household Coca-Cola was King, that had a little something to do with the fact that a few of my relatives were employed by the company. So…when I started adding Pepsi products to the shopping lists in an attempt to win something from Nintendo I didn’t realize I was dividing our Family in the process.

To make a long story short I didn’t win any of the Nintendo products and in the process of trying to do so, those relatives that were employed by Pepsi’s rivals actually ceased visiting our Family because we were drinking Pepsi products, they truly saw it as our Family trying to steal food off their table.

They say the Cola Wars had no true victims…I respectfully disagree.


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