Remember That Time They Released Call Of Cthulhu With Mario For The SNES?

Remember That Time They Released Call Of Cthulhu With Mario For The SNES?

Do not worry, friends, you aren’t suffering from psychic shock from gazing upon an ancient almost indescribable evil entity, that is not why you can’t remember this game.

You do not remember the Call of Cthulhu because of course it never existed on the SNES but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy watching the results of a hack by Yashum…who probably felt like a lot of us that even in the official Mario games where you confront the likes of sentient giant bullets, small and large ghosts, turtles wielding hammers, piranha plants and of course fungi people…it’s not a far stretch to envision such a game set in the Lovecraft Mythos.

Kaizoman666 who uploaded this video adds: “…if you’re wondering, you had to get every dragon/cat coin in order to get the good ending in the version I have, or you get a game over screen right before fighting Cthulhu. This was changed in the current version of the hack to give a let of five coins, because there’s a glitch where one of the coins in the fourth segment disappears for good if you collect a certain coin in the previous room. I didn’t download that version initially, though, so this run collects all of them as a result.”


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