Toy Soldiers: War Chest Hall Of Fame Edition Features He-Man, G.I. Joe And More!

I am quite familiar with the Toy Soldiers line of games since the first game was released on the Xbox Live Arcade back in 2010. To be honest I’ve enjoyed it and it’s sequel Toy Soldiers: Cold War for not just their gameplay but it’s rather unique sense of humor.

I did not however know of a third game until it was released on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC just yesterday. It mixes four types of toy soldiers with the Kaiser Wilhelm troops, then you have a mix of Rainbrow Brite/My Little Pony in the StarBright armies, the sci-fi/mech mixture are called Phantom, and finally you have the DarkLord troops which represent a Fantasy themed army.

But…then it was announced their were four additional armies that could be purchased and my jaw just dropped straight to the floor. Because we gamers can have the power of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe to rely on during the game or even join up with G.I. Joe!

Toy Soldiers - War Chest 9

Toy Soldiers - War Chest 6

Toy Soldiers - War Chest 3

It looks like Ubisoft has chosen to include weapons and vehicles not just from the toylines but the animated series as well judging by the inclusion of the Attack Track.

Toy Soldiers - War Chest 2

He Man - Attack Track

Now you may not be feeling quite so heroic but you are covered there as well as you can command the forces of COBRA!

Toy Soldiers - War Chest 8

Toy Soldiers - War Chest 7

The fourth army you can purchase is a little more odd…it’s Assassin’s Creed…but considering this game is released by Ubisoft I suppose that makes some sense. I just wish we could have gotten something as awesome as Transformers or even Star Wars, you know? Hopefully though we will be getting even more DLC choices in the future.


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