Let me tell ya cats; one look at the film PIT STOP, now on Blu-ray Special Edition from those rascally rascals o’er at Arrow Video, and you’ll see why Quentin Tarantino is as cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs for Jack Hill’s films as he is.

PIT STOP tells the tale of hard drivin’ youth named Rick (Richard Davalos) who gets swept up in the organized car accident disguised as racing entitled The Figure Eight. Soon he meets the circuits big star named Hawk, who is played by Sid Haig, so you know all hell is gonna break loose in a matter of seconds…and break loose it does; cars are smashed, relationships are destroyed and lives are shattered all in the name of winning.

While that seems like heady, dreary stuff, Hill manages to keep things completely off-kilter as he presents the world of the Figure Eight as both parts gritty and completely surreal. Most of the films action takes place at night; enrobed in grime, dust and sparks which creates an other-wordly feel; not to mention all of this nocturnal activity among hard livin’ youths makes them seem almost vampiric as they live lives far away from the normalcy of regular nine to fivers (and it’s that paradoxical surreal reality that aforementioned Hill fan Tarantino manages to emulate so well in his own oeuvre).

This release of PIT STOP is worth picking up just on the strength of the film alone, but this being an Arrow release you are treated to a full compliment of extras; a commentary, interviews, mini-docs…all help the viewer to better appreciate just how this unique flick was brought to life. I highly recommend this one, and you can head here to pick up a copy today!

Daniel XIII

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