Commercials for Movies We Want to See…Fresh From the Summer of 1986!

Remember the days when going to the movies didn’t cost an arm and a leg, overuse of special effects just made movies look ridiculous, and oh yeah, the movies were actually entertaining?

In looking for my next Retroist contribution, I was going through some blocks of commercials from old videocassettes I had borrowed from an old ex-boyfriend and copied to DVD back in 2008. I have the DVDs at home, but I had transferred all of them to my computer for occasions such as this.

And true to modern advertising, the same few previews dominate these commercial blocks, all taped during two separate Saturday Night Live broadcasts, one in July 1986, the other in August 1986. But for the most part, these were all excellent films, though the ex that let me borrow the tapes will tell you one of these movies is great, but I have other words for it. I’ll let you figure out which movie he was referring to. ;-)

I proudly present to you, the readers of Retroist, television spots of movie trailers for movies WE want to see, all the way from the summer of 1986.

For completest reasons, I included two television spots that aired for two of the movies, since both films had alternate trailers.

I think you’ll be pleased with this.

Uploaded by Allison Venezio

Allison loves movies from the 1980s, and especially loves trailers and television spots for movies she liked seeing in the 1980s. You can find her lurking around both here and on her own blog, Allison’s Written Words. Ferris Bueller is her hero.

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