Which of these three Choice McDonald’s Breakfasts will you Choose?

In 1975 McDonald’s added a full line of breakfast to their menu and revolutionized the way Americans started their day. Around that time they started running ads like this in magazines advertising their selection. For me, this food stood for vacation and freedom, since it was only on road trips that my family ever would buy this stuff. So looking at it, even today, makes me very happy.

So which of these would I choose? How about all three?


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3 thoughts on “Which of these three Choice McDonald’s Breakfasts will you Choose?

  1. What I loved most about the McD breakfasts then (and now) was the novelty of everything being compartmentalized in their own packaging. The foam tray with lid, the sealed syrup cupettes, the little, sealed, single butter pat containers, etc.
    It’s like breakfast from The Future.

  2. BrownBanana says:

    I always went with the egg mcmuffin, mostly because I never liked their scrambled eggs

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