Learn to make these magical 1980’s BLT Pocket Sandwiches

I was always cutting out things that I thought were interesting when I was a kid and Pocket Bread or “pitas” were VERY interesting to me. They might have been old hat in other towns or with other families, but our home they were exotic and not fully understood. I loved bread and novelty then (and now), so I probably cut this out in the hopes that it would make it onto the dinner table.

I am not sure it ever did back then, but I think it might be time to revisit the BLT Pocket Sandwich.


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2 thoughts on “Learn to make these magical 1980’s BLT Pocket Sandwiches

  1. “Pita” was a fad food in my area of NJ in the ’80s. Had never heard of it before then all of a sudden pita was everywhere in supermarkets, diners, delis, and even school cafeterias.
    Pita was a form of bread with a built-in novelty of splitting open, which the Thomas’ English Muffins conditioned our acceptance of. :)

  2. Max Power says:

    I think pita bread became a fad when Thomas’ English Muffins started selling Sahara brand pitas. They marketed pretty heavily in the NYC metro area.

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