DVD REVIEW: Stray Cats Live at Rockpalast


Holy cats my creeps did yer ol’ pal the Ouija Board Kid Daniel XIII e’er have a ton o’ love for Rockabilly revivalists the Stray Cats as a young fiend. I had the slicked back hair, the leather jacket…hell, I e’en had a wallet emblazoned with their distinctive crazy cat logo (won at a county fair at a ballon popping game no less…I know, my stories are nothin’ short of astounding…or maybe just the first part). Anyway, where is all this rockin’ reminiscing going? Damned if I know…oh, wait, yeah, I have a awesome new DVD/CD combo to lay on ya; Stray Cats Live at Rockpalast from those delightful lil’ devils o’er at MVD!

Contained on this DVD are two insanely energetic performances by these hep-cat hellions in their prime, one from 1981 and one from 1983, both filmed at the annual Rockpalast (I bet the title of the release gave it away, eh junior detectives?) festival in Europe. And believe me, you’ll see the boys work hard for the money…so hard for it honey as they lay down extensive setlists with very little repetition except for their greatest hits ‘natch. Seriously, slap yer putrid peepers upon the run down for these babies:

Loreley, August 20th 1983:

1. Baby Blue Eyes

2. Double Talkin’ Baby

3. Rumble In Brighton

4. Drink That Bottle Down

5. Something Is Wrong With My Radio

6. Built For Speed

7. Look At That Cadillac

8. Runaway Boy

9. Lonely Summer Nights

10. Too Hip, Gotta Go

11. Stray Cats Strut

12. She’s Sexy And 17

13. Banjo Time (Foggy Mountain Breakdown)

14. The Race Is On

15. Tear It Up

16. Oh Boy

17. Rock This Town

Cologne, July.16th 1981

1. Sweet Love On My Mind

2. Double Talkin’ Baby

3. Rumble In Brighton

4. My One Desire

5. Ubangi Stomp

6. Drink That Bottle Down

7. Storm The Embassy

8. Stray Cats Strut

9. Fishnet Stockings

10. Important Words

11. Rock This Town

12. Runaway Boy

13. Sometin’ Else

14. Gonna Ball

Now, the DVD comes with zero extras, but that is to be expected, because these shows are special features in and of themselves, but what the release does contain is two full length CDs of the concerts for you to enjoy on the ol’ go as you cruise up and down Main Street in yer souped up jalopy; Brylcreem blastin’ from yer ducktail into the eyes of any unfortunate within a 30 foot radius.

If your a Stray Cat fan, this is obviously an absolute must have collection, but I’d e’en recommend it to folks that have n’er experienced the band in order to make them instant converts! Head here and pick it up today!

Daniel XIII

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