Southern California Edison – Mary Medallion

Southern California Edison – Mary Medallion

Superheroes with the power to convince potential homebuyers to look for a Medallion that proclaims the gold standard of buying homes with electric ranges, ripoff Bionic Woman sound effect, and go-go boots? Must be the 1970s, and local advertising!

In the Southern California of the 1970s, there was a superhero of the local advertising sort.

Before Wonder Woman rode in her Invisible Jet…

Image courtesy of The Comic Book Cast
Image courtesy of The Comic Book Cast

Before The Bionic Woman knew her bionic hearing was a thing…

Image courtesy of
Image courtesy of

There was Mary Medallion…your “All Electric Girl,” and the Spokes-Superhero for Southern California Edison, serving all of Southern California in a single leap!

Screenshot (117)

Mary Medallion’s superpower?

Screenshot (118)

Aside from her amazing acting abilities?

Why, ensuring that you, the educated Southern California potential homebuyer, know all about electric ranges, and how clean they are…because they’re FLAMELESS!

Screenshot (120)
Screenshot (121)

Work it, Mary Medallion! Smile for the camera! Use your superpowers for energy conservation and flameless glory!

Look for the Medallion when buying a new home!

Screenshot (119)

There is nothing quite like a commercial of the local variety, where budgets are low, characters are essentially ripoffs of better characters…and superheroes can plug away on the importance of owning an electric range!

So go out and buy a new home with an electric range…and look for the Medallion, or else Mary will hunt you down and stomp on you with her white go-go boots.

Screenshot (118)

Or she’ll just smile at you.

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Allison may not save you a lot of money on flameless appliances, but she can assure you much joy in your online reading. Be sure to follow her blog, Allison’s Written Words, on Facebook. She doesn’t own a pair of white go-go boots.

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  1. She’s like an Electra Woman for electric kitchenware.
    Awesome post!

  2. Weird. Just a few days ago, I heard a reference to “Medallion Homes” on the CD of the GE pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair and had to look it up. It was apparently an industry-wide program.

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