Happy Howard Scott Warshaw Day!

It was 58 years ago today that the talented video game designer Howard Scott Warshaw was born. Before he left the game industry to became a successful psychotherapist he was a very successful designer for Atari, delivering one of the most successful non-ports or licensed titles for the legendary 2600. Yars’ Revenge.
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Howard also designed the awesome Raiders of the Lost Ark game for the Atari 2600. This title is one of the games that helped start my Grandmother making a journal of our video quests together, writing down what worked and where.
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Warshaw also worked on the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial game for Atari, a title that has been unfairly maligned as well as it’s designer for causing the video game industry crash of 1983. Creating the title and shipping it out for the 1982 Christmas season, Howard only had five and a half weeks to complete it…and I might add that it had Spielberg’s approval.

Check out this clip from Bob Sarlatter’s American Hot Stuff, where he visits Howard and talks about the then upcoming E.T. title…plus he incorrectly credits Warshaw with Swordquest.

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The great gang over at the Atari.IO Forums have decided to name July 30th as Howard Scott Warshaw day, much like they did with Atari Day, giving us retro fans a chance to rejoice in the over 1 million cartridge selling legacies that Warshaw has left us. So join the celebration and watch Atari: Game Over on Netflix or Showtime or pick it up on iTunes or your Xbox, it not only features interviews and focuses mostly on Warshaw but the likes of Ernest Cline, Manny Gerard, as well as a brief appearance of Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin!

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Want to learn a little more about Yars’ Revenge? Why not listen to Episode 130 of the Retroist Podcast?


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