Watch This Concept Unification Video For ShowBiz Pizza…And Be Horrified!

Now before I go further in this post you must understand that in my neck of the woods ShowBiz Pizza was one of the most magical places a young person could find. Rows upon rows of the latest video games and more importantly the entertaining Rock-afire Explosion band that did covers of the Beatles, the Monkees, and Beach Boys songs to name a few.

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Now I’m in no way knocking those of you that grew up with Chuck E. Cheese but I personally think that Showbiz was hands down the best. But by 1990 after ShowBiz Pizza purchased Chuck E. Cheese due to bankruptcy and due to a legal scuffle over rights with Creative Engineering (Who created and built, designed, and provided the voices for Billy Bob and the rest of the Rock-afire Explosion) forced the company to go it’s separate ways, the owners decided to turn all ShowBiz restaurants into Chuck E. Cheese establishments, putting into effect “Concept Unification”.

Image courtesy of Wikipedia. This isn't a photo of me but it WAS taken at the Fayetteville Arkansas ShowBiz Pizza.
Image courtesy of Wikipedia. This isn’t a photo of me but it WAS taken at the Fayetteville Arkansas ShowBiz Pizza.

What that means is all of the Rock-afire Explosion animatronics and sets were stripped to be repurposed for Chuck E. Cheese with Munch’s Make-Believe Band. To be fair, Circus Pizza Fan has added some sad music to the video but seeing some childhood friends like Dook LaRue, Billy Bob, Rolfe and Earl, Beach Bear, Mitzi Mozerella, Looney Bird, and the always impressive Fatz Geronimo…skinned and gutted is heartbreaking no matter what.


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