This dissected Decepticons’ Devastator would be amazing to Color

I love coloring and I have recently taken it up again. The internet is an amazing resource because not only can you find lots of old coloring books online, but you can also find images that are just calling out to be colored. This dissected version of Devastator is a perfect example. I found it last week and printed it out immediately before realizing just how complicated this is going to be to make it look good.

I am, of course, up for the challenge. I just hope Megatron is okay with a giant rainbow-colored killing machine.

[via] NgBoy


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4 thoughts on “This dissected Decepticons’ Devastator would be amazing to Color

  1. I love to color, and last year, I found this whole Rainbow Brite coloring book online. I was so excited that I downloaded it (and of course, I accidentally erased it!) and tried it out. I had to look at a picture of Rainbow Brite so I could color it correctly.

    So awesome! Please post the finished product!!!! :-)

  2. I just recently bought an adult colouring book but I’m really not happy with the designs inside it. This Transformers one is perfect! Can I ask where you found it?! Thanks for posting.

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