Did You Know Peter Cushing Was Into Miniature Gaming Thanks To H.G. Wells?

Of the many talents that Peter Cushing displayed in his many years of being an actor I will have to admit that nothing I had ever seen in his vast career would have made me aware in any shape or form that he was a fan of historical miniature gaming.

Peter Cushing - Gaming - British Pathe

Much less that he was using a book of rules for miniature warfare that had been written by none other than H.G. Wells!

[Via] British Pathé


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5 thoughts on “Did You Know Peter Cushing Was Into Miniature Gaming Thanks To H.G. Wells?

  1. bigox737 says:

    That was amazing. I know very little about the man and that was great. It looks like he painted and played with exceptional detail.

  2. I agree with you, Bigox737! I knew a bit about the man and his career, how devastating the loss of his Wife was to him, as well as his incredible friendship with the late Sir Christopher Lee. Miniatures? A connection with H.G. Wells? You could have knocked me over with a feather!

  3. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Color me stunned (with tiny brushstrokes), as I also never would’ve guessed the great actor fancied this fascinating hobby.

    Good miniature paint talent at work, as well.
    I grew respect for this art after dabbling with my old AD&D figures.
    You coulda dropped ’em on a paint-smeared rag and gotten the same results.

    Yeah, this kinda proves that even the most serious actors never lose that sense of childhood imagination.
    I like how at the end of the video, he lights up a smoke in a most adult way.

  4. That’s absolutely fascinating Vic.

    I also would never have guessed that Cushing would have been into miniature gaming. I can just imagine him getting into Warhammer if he’d been born a generation or two later. And I love how he’s dressed so casually and sparks up a smoke at the end.

    Classic footage. Thanks for sharing!

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