Scream Factory Presents: I, Madman (1989)

I’ve mentioned this more than once before but it is always nice to see what treat our friends from Scream Factory send to my door next. Some of the times it is the next cult classic in line to get the red carpet treatment, such as Phantom of the Paradise or John Carpenter’s Body Bags. It’s always a welcome surprise though when they roll out that same deserving carpet for the lesser known or B-Movie classics like they did today with their Blu-Ray release of 1989’s I, Madman!

I, Madman

The story for I, Madman is a bit like 1994’s In The Mouth of Madness in that reality becomes distorted by way of a particular author’s writing, in the case of this film a man named Malcolm Brand. Malcolm is deceased by the point where the film starts but he has found a quite devoted fan to his little known pulp novels in the beautiful young Virginia, played by Near Dark‘s Jenny Wright. The aspiring actress is distressed to discover that while reading these pulps she becomes so obsessed with the story it is almost like she is transported into the nightmarish world of the story herself.

These books by Malcolm focus on Dr. Alan Kessler (Randall William Cook) who has a bit of both Dr. Moreau and Vincent Van Gogh in his personality make up, not only does he experiment on hybrid creations but he has fallen in love with an actress and has removed his own face to prove how true his affections towards her really are. The crazed physician begins to stalk his victims, taking the best of their physical characteristics, sewing them on the ruin of his visage in an effort to mirror the physical beauty he believes the actress craves.

Virginia’s Police Detective boyfriend Richard (Clayton Rohner) is a little put out by her sudden attraction to these garish tales of gore and ghouls but does his best to humor her, even after she starts to behave strangely such as becoming confused and a little paranoid after reading them. As if his girlfriend’s behavior wasn’t creepy enough, we later learn the two books that Malcom Brand had published before his death, after spending a year locked in an insane asylum, were released as Non-Fiction titles.

But then…everything really goes off the rails for our main protagonists when a stalker very much matching the appearance of the character of Dr. Kessler starts showing up before Virginia promising that her heart will belong to him no matter what. Which is bad news indeed for all of the people in the young woman’s life because in the stories after the monster was finished removing ears, noses, and lips…he cut out that poor actresses’ heart to wear around his neck.

Can Virginia and Richard do anything to stop this madman before he achieves his deadly goal?

As we horror fans have come to expect from a Scream Factory release the I, Madman Blu-Ray is packed with wonderful extras:
Audio Commentary Featuring Director Tibor Takacs With Actor & Artistic Supervisor Randall William Cook
Ripped From The Pages – The Making Of “I, Madman,” Featuring Interviews With Director Tibor Takacs, Actor & Artistic Supervisor Randall William Cook, Screenwriter David Chaskin, Actor Clayton Rohner, And Actress Stephanie Hodge
Behind The Scenes Footage With Audio Commentary By Randall William Cook
Theatrical Trailer And Home Video Trailer
Still Gallery With Optional Audio Commentary By Randall William Cook

So this evening instead of curling up with a good book, why not head out to your local store and pick up I, Madman? Of course you can also hop on over to the official Scream Factory site and order a copy for yourself!


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