You gotta love these Maxell Cassette Tape Robots

In this classic commercial from the eighties, Two Robots who seem to be wandering on the moon, find a Maxell Cassette and insert it into their head and start dancing to, “Rock and Roll is here to stay”. No reason or back story is given, it is up to you to fill in the blanks. Are they explorers from another planet? Something sent by humans to clean up the moon? Is this even the moon or some post-apocalyptic world inhabited by this strangely clean music-loving robots? Whatever the answer, this is pure advertising gold.


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One thought on “You gotta love these Maxell Cassette Tape Robots

  1. They choose “Great Balls of Fire” as the song. Love it!

    I’ve always been partial to the guy in the chair being “blown away” by the music. It’s one of my earliest images of Maxell, and the one that has stuck with me.

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