This Commercial for Quik Wok makes me Hungry

While I have never eaten at this Quik Wok (I am not sure it exists anymore), I do enjoy the simple style of their commercial (and their logo). It uses the stir-fry process itself as the backdrop for simple narration and it works. Of course, I am one of those people who loves to watch people prepare food, especially when it is being prepared in a Wok, so I think most restaurants could be served well by this ad style. Well maybe not fast food joints that use microwaves for most things.

Can you picture beautiful shots of people scooping lukewarm burger patties from drawers, moving them to a bun, using a gun and squirting some condiments on it before tossing it into a microwave? Me neither, the end result might be delicious, but it does not make for great advertising.


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