The Best Moment in “The Empire Strikes Back”

Like many Star Wars fans, I consider “The Empire Strikes Back” to the best film in the original trilogy. Watching it since its release over the years, I have come to love so many parts of the film. The Jedi training, Yoda, the Battle of Hoth, the bounty hunter, Lando, its got so much going for it. But if you were to ask me as a kid what I remembered most on the day I first saw this classic, I would have said, “Han solo uses a lightsaber”. It wasn’t the weirdness of putting Luke inside the tauntaun or his line about the smell (which is hilarious).

No it was just Han wielding a lightsaber. It filled my mind with thoughts of Jedi Han and naturally my playing with action figures at home was never the same. Han had wielded a lightsaber, so in my kid head, he was halfway on his way to having his own. While it never happened, when I watch the film and he first activates the saber, I still get excited.

Yes, I love the AT-ATs and the Wampa and the duel between Vader and Luke is wonderful, but for my money, it doesn’t get much better than this…


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