The Bigfoot Casebook

The Bigfoot Casebook

Greetings Sasquatch fans!

Here is a book I can’t suggest enough if you’re looking for detailed reports about Bigfoot sightings. The book was released in 1982 and was a favorite of mine since then. I first came across this book at my local library. You know, between the trips to the Electronic Games magazine back issues, and the coin operated Apple IIe, this was my third reason to go to the library! I’m pretty sure this book was in my possession from 1983 to 1985, reading and re-reading every detail. The book covers pretty much every documented sighting from pre-1900 to 1980, and hits the bigger well known encounters with great detail. The chapters follow snippets of time and document sighting within the relative decade(s). The book gets into some pretty far out theories, including the “fact” that Bigfoot can’t be killed, and the apparently obvious relationship between Bigfoot and UFO sightings. Obviously no possibility into answering the age old question “does Bigfoot exist” is ignored here. Some great photos and witness drawings accompany the accounts, but the most interesting feature this book has is its last chapter which features a chronological list of all (most?) Bigfoot accounts from 1818 to 1980.

Like I mentioned earlier, I checked this book from my local public library many, many times. I’d read it when we were on summer vacations, and those vacations usually meant camping trips to the many wilderness areas of the Pacific Northwest. That’s right kids, BIGFOOT COUNTRY! I guess I like scaring myself into a tizzy. But this book also helped me appreciate my surroundings and enjoy these natural locations even more. I begged to just catch a glimpse of something…anything! A few years ago I acquired the hardback book (pictured), identical to the book I read when I was younger. Like before I tore into the book and enjoyed my recent reading as I had done my first so many years ago. Last year, while browsing electronic books for my iPad, I discovered an updated Bigfoot Casebook with even more accounts and sightings added after the 1980 end point in the first release. Without hesitation I grabbed it for my electronic devices. A few months back I was on a flight to California and the person sitting next to me glanced over a few times while I read my digital copy. I could almost feel the raised eyebrows and inner conversation about how he was once again sitting next to another nutcase…(grin).

If you’re a fan of the mystery that is Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Abominable Snowman, call it what you will, I highly suggest you pick up a copy (hardback or digital) of The Bigfoot Casebook by Janet and Colin Bord. It’s full of hairy, smelly, bipedal goodness!

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  1. coin operated Apple IIe?

  2. Yup, our library had an Apple IIe (or was it a few?) that were hooked up to a contraption that you stuck quarters in. That bought you like 10-15 minutes to play games or whatever you could load and do in that time. A buzzer would indicate the time was almost up. You either shoved more money in or you were going to experience a hard shutdown.

  3. This book is just a little over 7 bucks on Amazon now for a 1982 copy. Ordered mine!

  4. I shouldn’t be that fascinated by the idea of a coin op Apple IIe, but I am. Mostly because I used one in school and had that time limit without having to pony up quarters!

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