This Elevator Action Poster Has A Hitchcockian Vibe
Image courtesy of Rusty Shackles.

This Elevator Action Poster Has A Hitchcockian Vibe

One think I never expected to see as an adult is an Elevator Action Poster. It demonstrates what an amazing time we live in. People are taking nostalgia into their own hands and bringing it to another level with their creativity. I am not sure that the talented artist known as Rusty Shackles was going for an Alfred Hitchcock feel when he did this artwork for the classic 1983 Elevator Action, but it sure looks to me like something one would see on a 1960s Hitchcock poster.


Maybe it’s the color schemes or font that Rusty has used that makes me think of Hitchcock. Perhaps I secretly want to live in the universe where Alfred Hitchcock directed a live action film based on the video game? Either way all I truly know is that Rusty’s artwork really makes me want to play some Elevator Action!

I’m stuck here at work all night. It give be a lot of time to ponder such things. Sadly it does not give me a place to play Elevator Action. So while I am on my short break, at least I can sit and enjoy this Elevator Action Poster while watching hours of gameplay courtesy of some wonderful uploaders on YouTube.

Elevator Action Gameplay


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  1. Very reminiscient of Saul Bass

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