The Sheer Look Is Here

In the simpler times of advertising, commercials were less about actual product placement, and more about how promotion could be turned into a production. The commercials didn’t shove their brands in your face or scream at you; rather, they were subtle about the exact brand they were advertising, and more about glitz and glamour.

One of the best examples I could find of a commercial that was short on actual brand recognition, and long on elegance and musical film quality is a Frigidaire commercial from 1957, advertising the “here-ness” of sheer look appliances.

We have a woman…
1 - The Woman

And we have a man…
2 - The Man

And they’re dancing…

3 - And They're Dancing

And dancing…

4 - And Dancing

And dancing some more!

5 - And Dancing some more

You’re convinced this is a musical movie.

6 - You're Convinced This is a Musical Movie

But it’s actually about appliances.

7 - But It's Actually About Appliances

What brand?

8 - Frigidaire But Why Advertise this

Frigidaire! But why advertise this? There’s no need! Because dancing!

9- Ice Falling Out of Tray

The ice falling out of the ice tray is a metaphor for heartbreak. Wah-wah.

10 - Woman Come Back

But there is no heartbreak, because the woman has come back to the man.

11 - 1957

And so they dance again, all to let you know that in 1957…

The sheer look is in!

12 - The Sheer Look Is In

And that’s the gesture for “The Sheer Look.”

The commercial, a 1957 promotion for Frigidaire, shows off the new line of washers, dryers, refrigerators, and ovens/stoves, all with a distinct “sheer” look. I don’t see “sheer,” I see empty refrigerators and freezers. It’s the 1950s, wasn’t every refrigerator stocked with food?

13 - Where's my dinner

This is the famous “where’s my dinner?”dance.

Given its length, I see this less as a television commercial, and more like a movie theater advertisement. Either way, it doesn’t necessarily promote a brand, but more like the concept of “sheer” appliances. And the dancing, while it doesn’t exactly make sense, certainly promotes the beauty and elegance we demand from our costly appliance investments. And hey, if it helps to dance it out, then by all means!

And to see the marvel of how major home appliances can make us dance for the sake of showing off our capable dance moves, then by all means, click “play” below, and revel in the sheer look being HERE!

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