1967’s Danger Man/Secret Agent Gold Key Comic!

1967’s Danger Man/Secret Agent Gold Key Comic!

When I’m fortunate enough to get a half of a day off from my job and if the finances are in order I try to make it a point to swing by my local comic shop to get my sequential art fix. I’ve been going to this particular shop for a little over 30 years by my recollection and it’s always great to be treated as a friend when I walk in the door and not a customer.

So as I was perusing the comics in my pull list I was more than thrilled to find something extra waiting in my box, this 1967 Gold Key issue of Secret Agent/Danger Man! Secret Agent debuted on CBS in 1961, but the show was originally known as Danger Man when it was broadcast in the United Kingdom in 1960.

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I’ve gone on and on about how much I love Patrick McGoohan’s 1967 TV series The Prisoner on the site before and if you go by the second book for the show by David McDaniel…

The Prisoner #2

…the Prisoner’s name unlike in the TV series IS mentioned.

Prisoner #2 - David McDaniel - 1969

Of course it’s never been stated that McGoohan’s character from the Prisoner is John Drake from the 1960 Danger Man/Secret Agent TV series but at the very least I think it’s safe to assume that he is in fact the same character. Especially when the co-creator of the show, George Markstein, went on record saying they were always intended to be the same person…of course to be fair, McGoohan always denied this. Leaving it up to we fans of the two shows to decide on personal viewpoints might very well be the best way to approach the issue.

In this second Gold Key issue, if you hadn’t seen an episode the intro perfectly sets the mood.

Secret Agent Intro

What case is John Drake on you ask? Why the “World-Wide Woman Hunt” naturally!

Secret Agent #2

As you finished the exciting issue you were reminded again just how cool and professional John Drake was at his job…as was McGoohan in real life.

Secret Agent # 2 - Back cover

Gold Key Comics even gave you a Secret Agent Pin Up showing McGoohan roughing up a thug!

Secret Agent Pin Up

It wasn’t stated in the comic but I assume you are suppose to read the issue while listening to Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers.
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