What if they had made a Revenge of the Nerds Animated Series?

What if they had made a Revenge of the Nerds Animated Series?

Every year I watch the original “Revenge of the Nerds” and think about how wonderful this might have been as an animated series. If done right Revenge of the Nerds Animated Series might have been very empowering for those of in the eighties who might have been described as “nerdy.” I am sure if they had done one, they would have done it on the cheap, so the animation would not have been terribly nuanced, but the dreamer in me would like to think that maybe they would have tried something a little stylized, like this piece by Leigh Young.

Plots on the Revenge of the Nerds Animated Series would have had to be simple to appeal to a younger crowd. Which is okay, the college politics and dating stuff could be substituted for Sci-Fi plots or at least learning opportunities.

Picture the Nerds challenging the football team to a game. Winner gets control of the Harvest Ball. The nerds don’t win by using drugs or chemical burns like they did in the film. Instead they could win by building a robot football team. Perhaps one of those robots, Robo-Ogre survives the game and become a recurring character. One who eventually joins the fraternity. Then in a twist is recruited to the real football team, but turns it down when he sees how his new teammates and “friends” treat the Nerds.

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Then at the end of every episodes of Revenge of the Nerds Animated Series, one of the Nerds gives us a lesson in science, music or general geekery.

Who wouldn’t want to watch this series?

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