Jim Belushi Wants You To Report For Duty At The Battletech Center (1991)

Jim Belushi Wants You To Report For Duty At The Battletech Center (1991)

I’ve mentioned before that in High School my group of school friends really got bit hard by the Battletech bug. In the library…when we should have been studying…and during our lunch period we would be taking on the role of a mech pilot, and with a little luck we would survive the constant battles.

Or earn the honor of ejecting out of a broken Battlemech into a cliff face…yeah…not my finest moment.

Battletech - pilot

Then we all started reading articles in various magazines of the day proclaiming the excitement and total immersion of the Battletech Centers. Places where a fan of the FASA created property could travel and know the joy of piloting a 75-ton harbinger of death.

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We tried to learn everything that we possibly could about these centers and continuously hatched plans on taking a road trip to visit them…but sadly that never came to be. With all of our knowledge of how the Battletech Centers worked I do not believe that we ever knew that Jim Belushi played a character in the attract videos to get players into the centers.

[Via] LynxVGL

It doesn’t look like the Battletech Centers have survived at least not as they were but I did find a website for MechCorps and it certainly seems they are keeping the game alive.

Image courtesy of MechCorps.
Image courtesy of MechCorps.


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  1. We had one of those in Chicago at a place called North Pier. I played once. Kind of complicated and it doesn’t last long.

  2. in addition to mechcorps there is http://the-airlock.com/ in kirkland, WA and mechjock.com ships a set around to various cons.

  3. Earblast, I’m still a little envious that you actually were able to sit in one of those pods, my friend.

    Thanks for the heads up, Kuangmk11!

    Max, I saw this early this morning…and coupled with the Google Doodle for today, I think the world has gone Mech crazy. :D

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