Saturday Frights: Alfred Hitchcock Presents – The Final Escape (1985)

Friends, this week the Projectionist is off and about in Haddonfield, for the 4th of July I suspect. Which to be honest is fine by me because earlier this week I was talking to Gary Burton, a good friend of the Retroist site and the Arkadia Retrocade as well. We happened to be chatting about a TV episode he remembered from his youth…it didn’t ring any bells for me but it kind of sounded like something one would catch on NBC’s Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

With a little help from the Projectionist and Daniel XIII I was able to locate the episode which is entitled “The Final Escape”, it originally aired back on October 27, 1985. It stars Season Hubley as Lena Trent, a woman sentenced for murder who hatches a plan to escape thanks to the elderly “Doc” played wonderfully by the late great Davis Roberts.

So turn out the lights and lean in closer to your screens as you join us on for Saturday Frights and learn the outcome of the Final Escape!

ALFRED HITCHCOCK PRESENTS (1985) – Final Escape by mrjackforrester


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