The Casio PV-16 MSX Computer

The Casio PV-16 MSX Computer

I was recently browsing through the Flickr photostream of user JINsMac and came across this very lovely looking computer. Back in 1983 when this was released, home computers really only came in two colours – black or beige – so a bright red machine with cute “chicklet” keys and a joy pad built onto the casing must have been quite eye-catching.

Once I was done trying to decide if my wife would let me hang a print of this beauty in my house, I noticed a familiar logo on the case – MSX! Regular readers might know that I have a thing for the MSX computer range, owning a Toshiba variant myself as a youngster. I can tell you, the Toshiba was NOT a looker, at least not when compared to the PV-16!

According to MSX.ORG, you could also get this in black but, honestly, who would?

I went in search of more information about Casio’s foray into the MSX world and discovered that they didn’t limit themselves to just one type of red computer, they also had models called MX-10 and PV-7 too!


MSX Zone has a nice section with hundreds of MSX variants, Casio’s included. To be fair to Toshiba, they did produce a red version of the machine I owned but my MSX heart now belongs to the PV-16.

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