What The Conan The Barbarian Poster Might Have Looked Like (1982)

I was checking out some reviews of the new Terminator film (Not seeing a lot of praise) and in the search an image happened to catch my eye. I followed the link and ended up at an auction page from 2011 featuring this mock up poster from the art department for the film, as you can see the artwork is by the legendary Boris Vallejo.

To be honest I actually prefer the theatrical one-sheet that I own.

Image courtesy of IMP Awards.
Image courtesy of IMP Awards.

I’ve mentioned this before but when my Father and I went to see Conan the Barbarian back in 1982…we also took along my Grandparents. When we left the theater my ten-year-old brain was swimming with the glories of the sword and sorcery genre. Sadly my Grandparents were less than thrilled by the film, they were absolutely stunned by the violence and amount of bloodshed they had just witnessed. So no ice cream on the way home that night, it was a very, very quiet car ride back.

[Via] Movieclips

Thankfully my Father was just as impressed by the film as I was…which is why we went to the matinee to see it again the next day!

A big thanks to IMP Awards of the more common one-sheet but feel free to follow the link to Julien’s auction page for that item, you can also see some other cool Conan items that were available for purchase.


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