Have You Seen This 1991 Shadowrun Promo?

Back in High School there came a point when the small collection of role-players that I was part of decided to take a little break from our usual fare of Marvel Super Heroes, Torg, and Star Frontiers. Which is how we were introduced to a little game called Shadowrun by FASA.

Shadowrun Logo

Our group embraced the mash up of cyberpunk and corporate intrigue and in my case it allowed me to not be the Game Master for a change. I took on the role of The Judge, an enigmatic Shadowrunner, a hermetic mage that as you might have guessed from his title was once a champion of the law. I found an illustration online that will let you know how The Judge appeared in our games…minus the glowing yellow eyes seen in this illustration and instead of the bandages he wore a red scarf to cover the bottom of his face.

The Judge - Shadowrun

We had a really good group at that time…and 15 years later we would end up getting the chance to join back up and finish the ‘campaign’ we had started in High School.

I can assure you though that we never had the chance to see this 1991 Shadowrun promo entitled ‘A Night’s Work’. Flenceburg Exile who uploaded this video states: “Since FASA is – sadly – no more, and since this was rarely seen outside GenCon 1990 and the game’s press kit, I thought I’d do my part in archiving a bit of gaming history before the tapes die of bitrot.”

It might be just a little on the goofy side of things but overall they did a good job of touching on the ‘feel’ of the Shadowrun universe in my opinion. Job well done, chummers, job well done.


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