So What Are You Wearing Today For Atari Day?

The esteemed Atari I/O has put forth the idea that on the 26th of every month it should be Atari Day. What are the rules of Atari Day? Well, Atari I/O has you covered there.

Image courtesy of Atari I/O's Facebook page.

Image courtesy of Atari I/O’s Facebook page.

So perhaps for next month’s Atari Day you can hop over to Merles Vintage Etsy shop and pick up this 1982 promotional Berzerk T-Shirt and be the envy of all your friends…and enemies…heck, the entire world even!

Berzerk - Atari T Shirt 2

Make sure to visit Atari I/O’s site by clicking here, they have forums where you can meet and chat with your fellow Atari fans. More importantly you should get out there and enjoy some of the wonderful games and memories that Atari has brought us!


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3 thoughts on “So What Are You Wearing Today For Atari Day?

  1. I’ve told this story before but I traded Atari’s Haunted House for Berzerk back in the day. I still say that the box art for that home port is one of the most awesome they ever made. :)

  2. GREAT post Vic! Thanks for getting the word out about Atari Day!

    Atari Day takes place on the 26th day of each month. It’s a day to celebrate Atari, share great games with great friends, and remind the world why Atari’s still so awesome!

    With Atari almost gone today, it’s up to all of us to share the fun and joy of Atari with the world! Atari Day is a fun way of sharing our love of classic gaming and retro life with our friends, family, colleagues and total stranger!

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