How About Some 1983 Arcade Patterns For TRON?

I’m pretty sure that I’ve mentioned on the site before that in my youth the first video game magazine that I followed religiously was Joystik. I thankfully still have a handful of the magazines in my collection today though sadly they are all missing their covers and show signs of being used as makeshift coasters at times.

Joystik - Jan 1983

Thankfully the Internet Archive has come to the rescue! Allowing us arcade game fans to not only read those long ago articles but plumb the depths of that magazine for help on games that continue to thwart us like the classic 1982 Bally/Midway TRON.

Tron 1 - JoystikTron 2 - Joystik
Tron 3 - JoystikTron 4 - Joystik
Tron 5 - Joystik

Make sure to hop over to the Joystik Magazine Collection to see the following patterns for Waves 6 and beyond as well as mastering the likes of Centipede and Canyon Climber and so much more!


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