Electric Mayhem vs. The Max Rebo Band

Now that Disney owns both Star Wars and the Muppets, I keep hoping for some sort of audio-animatronic dining experience in the vein of Showbiz Pizza that would feature characters from these franchises. What I did not consider was actually merging them together for a battle of the bands. While I think it would be an interesting and certainly entertaining match, in the end, Electric Mayhem is going to win. Once they unleash the raw drumming talent of Animal, it is pretty much no contest.

[via] Sean McFarland


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2 thoughts on “Electric Mayhem vs. The Max Rebo Band

  1. James says:

    In my opinion, Animal needs his own show. He is amazing. Because Disney is backing him, I am sure it can be arranged

  2. Max Power says:

    At Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando, the Star Wars and the Muppets rides are next to each other. They could put this between the two.

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