Saturday Frights: Twilight Zone – Living Doll (1963)

Welcome back, dear viewers. It has been a rather busy week down here in the Retroist Vault, the construction for a new wing has been started, some manner of TV studio for Sage’s Diary of an Arcade Employee series. I certainly hope the Retroist has ordered wide lenses for the cameras in the studio so that the audience can see Orson, I mean Victor when he is on camera. Heh, heh.

For your viewing pleasure this evening, I have selected an episode of the Twilight Zone. Living Doll. It stars 1965’s Battle of the Bulge co-star Telly Savalas as Erich Streator, a rather dislikable Husband and Father who finds he has become the target of his Step-Daughter’s new doll, Talky Tina. A vengeful plaything who finds Erich Streator’s boorish behavior unacceptable. Heh.

I also admit that I chose this particular episode because I know of Sage’s…fear…of dolls.

(Holy smoke! The voice of Talky Tina is none other than June Foray of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame. – Vic)

The Projectionist

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2 thoughts on “Saturday Frights: Twilight Zone – Living Doll (1963)

  1. Atari Adventure Square says:

    Ooh, good choice, Projectionist!
    I must admit to sharing Vic’s creep-out reaction to talking dummies (or just plain old ventriloquist dummies sitting there, staring…not quite at you…but you feel – no, you know! – those eyes will meet yours if you turn and look…)

    But, me, I like being scared, enjoy the chills when a bump is heard in the night.
    Makes you feel alive. Possibly right the moment before you are…dead.

    And Mr. Serling could always cook up the best-told-tales that spoke directly to the human experience of terror.

    Can’t go wrong with the Twilight Zone for those chills.
    Well…things *can* go wrong if you find yourself within its realm.

  2. You are so right, Atari. Serling was the master of chills…and let’s hope you and I never find ourselves keeping company with Talky Tina…or Willie…in the Twilight Zone! ;)

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