Fisher Price need to make these Universal Monsters Little People right now!

The work of Dan Polydoris continues to wow me. Every time we feature something of his on the site, I keep wondering how he will top that creation. Well he has done it again with these dead simple and amazingly magical retro-inspired Universal Monsters Little People.


These guys are ADORABLE! I can’t pick which one is my favorite. My first thought is the Wolfman, but after staring at this photo for an hour or so, I think it has to be “The Mummy”. Just those eyes on an all white figure, is nothing short of brilliant. The cuteness is overwhelming!

Fisher Price, if you see these, please talk to whoever you can to make this a reality. I would buy ten sets of these guys and send them to all my friends and if you released a Haunted House Playset, I would proudly display it on my shelf.


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