Retro Radio Memories: The Saint – “The Old Man’s Car” (1947)

Hello, dear listeners. For some reason my co-host for the Retro Radio Memories broadcast didn’t show up for our scheduled recording sessions this week. With the help of Daniel XIII we will be televising an episode of The Saint radio series called ‘The Old Man’s Car’ in it’s place.

This week’s episode stars Vincent Price as none other than Simon Templar aka The Saint! Price portrayed the Gentleman of Crime on radio for the longest run of any actor, from 1947 until 1951 on three radio networks: CBS, Mutual and NBC.

Our episode this afternoon concerns Simon Templar coming to the aid of an elderly man who is about to have his car forcibly taken by a rather brutish mook. Using his typically cool wits to avoid violence, Simon is surprised to learn that in the course of a day no less than two other souls have approached the old man in an attempt to purchase the car.

Please join us as we learn the secrets of ‘The Old Man’s Car’!

(via OMP Action and Aventure -Vic)

The Projectionist

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