I wonder who won the Willy Wonka Fun Club Sweepstakes?

I would try to enter sweepstakes like this all the time, but after putting everything together and in an envelope, I would usually have to forget it after I realized I didn’t have access to stamps. For some reason they were like gold in my house growing up and like batteries, were very guarded and rationed.

If I did enter this contest as a kid, I can tell you without any proof, which prize I wanted them to send me. It was the Watchman. The idea of portable entertainment has always appealed to me and while I never did get that Watchman, I was eventually able to get a portable B&W TV. We took it on a trip to Florida one year and I wish I could bottle the wonder and excitement I felt while watching Saturday Morning cartoons while traveling down the NJ Turnpike.


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One thought on “I wonder who won the Willy Wonka Fun Club Sweepstakes?

  1. I was the same way when it came to mail away sweepstakes, contests or proof-of-purchase offers. At least you made it all the way to the envelope stage, most of my attempts were simply filling in my info on the entry form. Many a comic book and magazine came and went from my house with my name, address and zip code scrawled on a form within its pages.
    That last nugget at the end of the post about driving down to Florida with a portable TV (battery powered?) is excitingly enticing. The idea of rolling through states and picking up regional TV broadcasts is absolutely magical to me. If there are any more stories from the road with your mobile TV I think they would make great posts!

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