William Stout And Moebius Production Art For Masters Of The Universe

William Stout And Moebius Production Art For Masters Of The Universe

A couple of days ago a good friend of mine stopped by the arcade to give me an awesome assortment of collector cards. He had picked them up at a convention he was visiting while checking out the Galloping Ghost arcade in Brookfield, Illinois.

In the assortment where NASA cards, Elvis, the Beatles, and a 1993 set showcasing the wonderful artwork of William Stout. To be honest my favorite set of cards were those, it had a smattering of his underground comic work, some of his dinosaur illustrations, and a few bits and pieces of his film production designs like for 1987’s live action Masters of the Universe film. Three individual cards focusing on the likes of He-Man, Skeletor, and the reptilian mercenary Saurod.

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William Stout would end up having a hand in practically all of the visual development for the movie, including the contact lens design for the some of the characters like Saurod.
Saurod - William Stout - Moebius - Masters of the Universe

Film images courtesy of He-Man.Org
Film images courtesy of He-Man.Org

I would say that Skeletor was the design that was changed the most in the filming, no glowing red eyes and his armor is a little different than what is presented on the card…though his staff does have a ram skull atop it.
Skeletor - William Stout - Moebius - Masters of the Universe
Skeletor - Masters of the Universe

A big thanks to He-Man.Org for the photos of the film characters, follow the link provided and you can read an interview with Pons Maar, the actor who portrayed Saurod in the film.


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