That Time When Zorro, Batman, Sky King And The Green Hornet Were All On Good Morning America!

Holy cow! As you’ve might have figured out from some of my posts over the last couple of years, I’m a pretty big fan of what I consider to be the iconic heroes of radio, comics, film, and of course television. So I’m always thrilled when I stumble upon something I’ve never seen before like this 1970s interview on Good Morning America featuring four very iconic TV heroes.

In this three minute clip, David Hartman interviews Kirby Grant (Sky King), Guy Williams (Zorro), Adam West (Batman), and Van Williams (The Green Hornet). They were all guests on the show to help celebrate the then 30 year anniversary of ABC. The original interview has sadly been edited down to a couple of questions aimed at Van Williams and Adam West, but it’s still great to hear them talk about Bruce Lee, the strains of the costumes, and why Van quit acting after the Green Hornet was cancelled. The audio is really low so you will probably have to really crank it up to hear it.
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I don’t know about the rest of you but WHEN is the Green Hornet going to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray?! We need Shout! Factory to come to our rescue!

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