An ’83 AfterSchool Special with David Letterman about VOYAGERS!

Most are familiar with the ABC AfterSchool Specials which aired during the 70s through the 80s covering serious social topics for kids such as divorce, substance abuse, illiteracy and other controversial subjects. In 1983, David Letterman did his own AfterSchool Special that covered a topic that was probably just as difficult for kids: the cancellation of the NBC TV series VOYAGERS!. Perhaps before watching how David Letterman consoles a grieving, young TV viewer it would be good to see the canceled show which caused this much emotional turmoil.

Now for David Letterman’s wise words of advice and sympathy in dealing with the tragic TV loss of VOYAGERS!.
David’s viewing suggestions to take the place of VOYAGERS! in the heart of little Jimmy are some retro gems worth taking a quick look at.

Was Jimmy right in saying that the Fall TV season of 1983 was going to be the best ever?
With a shape-changing crime fighter and a talking orangutan in Washington?
Perhaps he’s right.
Yes, perhaps he’s right.

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4 thoughts on “An ’83 AfterSchool Special with David Letterman about VOYAGERS!

  1. Max Power says:

    I’m impressed that Voyagers! was popular enough to warrant a parody bit on Letterman’s show.

  2. Manimal, I mean, wow… just WOW!


    Also, watching that intro, I’m pretty sure some of that show used to scare the crap out of me!?

  3. VOYAGERS! has gained my admiration much later in life, thanks to the Retroist. I didn’t watch it when I was a teenager during its original broadcasting. The DVDs are available on Netflix or for purchase on Amazon. It’s now one of my favorite retro shows.
    But I’m baby stepping it towards MANIMAL and MR. SMITH. The first is readily available on streaming sites and DVDs but the later?
    Has anyone come across MR. SMITH anywhere online?!

  4. Also, thanks to little Jimmy with the red hair and trucker style baseball hat, I now have a mental image of the Retroist circa the early 80s.

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