The Hatbox Ghost Returns To The Haunted Mansion!

I’m not sure how this bit of info slipped underneath my radar but after almost 46 years the legendary Hatbox Ghost has returned to Disneyland! First seen during the park employee or ‘Cast Member’ preview night on August 7th and 8th of 1969, the Hatbox Ghost or as he was known in his corporeal life Randal Pace (From the Haunted Mansion comic book) didn’t quite work properly so the Disney Imagineers put him in mothballs. His iconic design though by Collin Campbell which could be seen in the Story and Song album captivated fans of the Haunted Mansion so much that Disney has constantly been asked when the character would reappear.

Images courtesy of the DisneyParks Blog.
Images courtesy of the DisneyParks Blog.

So the Hatbox Ghost has returned now and set up residence in the attic of the Haunted Mansion, right beside the spectral bride of Young Master Gracey. As originally planned back in 1969 when the heart of the bride beats, the Hatbox Ghost’s head would vanish to reappear in the hatbox he held…sure it may have taken him over 40 years to truly take his rightful place in the attic but as you can see from these videos the wait was worth it!

From Disney Park’s YouTube page, here is an interview with Jeff Shaver-Moskowitz, a producer and Imagineer for Walt Disney as well as Daniel Joseph, special effects designer for Walt Disney Imagineering. You’ll also get a little background info on legendary Imagineer Yale Gracey (Hm, I wonder who Master Gracey was named after?).

Thanks to ThemParkHD for those of us that can’t make it out to Disneyland to see the Hatbox ghost for ourselves here is a video showing the happy haunt doing his stuff.

Here is a neat little video from the Disney History Institute presenting a film clip of an original 1969 sighting of the Hatbox Ghost!

A huge thanks to the DisneyParks Blog for not only the images of the recently returned Hatbox Ghost you see in the post but for the…heads up…on his reappearance in the first place!


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