You Know You Need This Dragon’s Lair Cookie Cutter

How many times have you found yourself puttering around the kitchen, preparing to make a tasty batch of homemade cookies when you look at your collection of cookie cutters and realize…what you are missing is one shaped like Dirk the Daring from 1983’s Dragon’s Lair?

Images courtesy of Things 4 Thinkers.
Images courtesy of Things 4 Thinkers.

Thankfully Things 4 Thinkers has you covered there, the Dragon’s Lair inspired cookie cutter is going for $8.99.

Dragon's Lair - Dirk the Daring Cookie Cutter 3 - Things 4 Thinkers

Hey, if Dragon’s Lair isn’t your style for some reason might I suggets you take a look at their TMNT BeBop and Rocksteady cookie cutter?

BeBop and Rocksteady - TMNT Cookie Cutter - Things 4 Thinkers


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