This alien is a Computer Gamer!

Have you ever heard of 80’s computer game magazine ‘Computer Gamer’? Its first issue was published in 1985 by Argus in the UK as a competitor to Computer & Video Games but it failed to sell in big numbers and was axed just two years later.

That’s a shame, as the front covers were really cool! Like this one from the launch issue, which seems to have nothing to do with any particular computer game – or does it? If you take a look at the Internet Archive, they have a number of issues of Computer Gamer available and the front covers all seem to be for specific games, but issue one is missing from their catalogue so it’s hard to know if the image was meant to reflect a game or not.

If you want to try and work this out for yourself, you can get help over at Magazines From the Past, where you’ll find a breakdown of the features and reviews within. Let me know in the comments if you work it out!

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