The Intellivision Was All About Tron

I’ve mentioned before on the site my love for Mattel Electronic’s Intellivision, in particular their license with 1982’s Walt Disney classic TRON.

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While TRON: Deadly Discs was by far my favorite of the three games that were released for the Intellivision system I still enjoyed their maze genre offering which was appropriately titled TRON: Maze-A-Tron.
Maze A Tron 1 - Intellivision
Maze A Tron 2 - Intellivision
Developed by Russ Haft with graphics programming by Eric Wels and sound design by Andy Sells, Maze-A-Tron was obviously a totally different beast than the more popular Deadly Discs. In the first part of the game you control Flynn as he travels across a side-scrolling circuit board in an attempt to clear the RAM chips that have been appropriated by the MCP. You could control the direction of the screen by visiting directional nodes scattered across the circuit boards but had to constatnly watch out for the Recognizers that are searching for you, thankfully you had limited shields that could freeze those lumbering monstrosities in their tracks.

In the second part of the game…which I never actually reached in my youth…you had to use your Bit-Gun and fire at a pair of streaming numbers while the MCP frantically tries to undo your efforts to clear those RAM Chips.

Want to see it done, right? Why not watch TTAMEZ‘s YouTube video? This is the second round, which means everything is just a bit faster!

If you want to know what the Retroist thought about the Atari 2600 version of TRON: Deadly Discs you can read his review here.
While you are reading that review you could of course listen to episode 76 of the Retroist Podcast which discusses TRON!


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