The Garbage Pail Goonies?

I kept most of childhood possessions. My holding on to things for the most part bordered on obsessive. So when an object I really like suddenly went missing, I do not let it go easily. In the eighties, like many kids, was obsessed with Garbage Pail Kids. I had a binder full of them and would spend hours thumbing through them and working out trades for cards that I really enjoyed. Then one day the binder just disappeared.

I tore apart the house looking for it, but never found it. Rebuilding after such a loss was just too daunting and I never really took it seriously again. Despite this, I still have great affection for the Garbage Pail Kids and routinely look for fun fan art related to them. This week I found a piece that is a few years old, but should be a timeless classic by mping82. It gives us a peek of that Goonies/Garbage Pail Kids mashup we never got to see.

[via] Mark Pingitore


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